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Democrat Party worried another hacked email trove could surface before election

Democrat Party officials are bracing for the possibility that another batch of damaging or embarrassing internal emails, the kind that cost the party chairman her job on the eve of the Democrat National Convention could become public before the November presidential election.

That fear reportedly comes as officials with knowledge of a Russian cyber attack that targeted Democrat politicians and organizations told the media that the breach was bigger than first thought and exposed the private email accounts of party officials and groups including the personal email accounts of Hillary Clinton’s key campaign officials.

The apparent wider breach reportedly has prompted the FBI to broaden its investigation, and agents have begun notifying top Democrat officials that the Russians may have breached their personal accounts, the media reported.

An earlier release of emails just days before the party convention in Philadelphia cost Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz her job as party chairman, while party CEO Amy Dacey; chief finance officer Brad Marshall, and communications director Luis Miranda resigned last week.

Matthew Trevithick Is Being Released By Iran

A fifth American, Matthew Trevithick, is being released by Iran, U.S. officials said today.

Senior U.S. administration officials described Trevithick as a student who was recently detained in Iran.

His release is not part of a prison swap that freed four U.S. prisoners in exchange for seven Iranians held by the United States on sanctions charges, the officials confirmed. The prisoner swap came after more than a year of secret negotiations, the officials said.

In addition, the agreement calls for Iranian officials to “continue cooperating with the United States to determine the whereabouts of Robert Levinson,” a U.S. official said on background. Levinson is the former FBI agent and CIA contractor who went missing in Iran in 2007.

Iran has denied holding him.

Washington Post Journalist Jason Rezaian Is Being Released

Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian, who has been detained in Iran since July 2014, is being released as part of a prisoner swap deal, according to an Iranian news agency report today.

Three other prisoners are also being released, the semi-official FARS news agency said, citing Tehran’s prosecutor.

The news agency did not name the other prisoners being released, or provide any details on the deal.

Iran has been known to be holding Rezaian, Marine veteran Amir Hekmati and Christian pastor Saeed Abedini. Additionally, former FBI agent and CIA contractor Robert Levison has been missing since visiting Iran in 2007.

New Executive Actions On Gun Laws By Barack Obama Bypassing Congress

President Barack Obama bypassed Congress on Tuesday, unveiling a unilateral initiative designed to curb gun violence in the U.S. through a series of executive actions.

The new executive actions do not conflict with the Second Amendment, Obama said from the White House at an event with gun violence victims and their families. “But I also believe that we can find ways to reduce gun violence consistent with the Second Amendment.”

In an effort to expand background checks for buyers, the White House introduced a new requirement for individuals “in the business of selling firearms” to register as licensed gun dealers, effectively narrowing the so-called “gun show loophole,” which exempts most small sellers from keeping formal sales records.

The initiative also provides more funding for mental health treatment, FBI staff and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives agents.

Charleston Shooting, FBI Manifesto Review, Rally/Protest

CHARLESTON, S.C. – Dylann Roof, the man charged with shooting and killing nine people in an African American church in Charleston, South Carolina, this week, appears to have written and published a manifesto and cache of photographs that detail a violent, hateful ideology. Dylann Roof was posing in photographs with a handgun and standing in front of a Confederate military museum and plantation slave houses. FBI agents are reviewing the manifesto linked to Dylann Roof.

A friend of Dylann Roof, the man charged with fatally shooting said if he had any idea what the 21-year-old was planning he would have stopped him although it was reported that Dylann Roof said he wanted to “Do something crazy” before the Charleston killings.

Days after the attack at the black church, grief hangs in the air, hundreds of protesters rally and walked down the streets of Charleston, chanting “Black lives matter” and “We can’t take it no more.” The peaceful march complied with police requests to reroute and ended as planned at the Daughters of the Confederacy. A small group of parishioners was allowed inside where the shooting took place the bullet-scarred Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church on Saturday, getting a firsthand glimpse of the room where nine people from their congregation were slain.

In my view and the staff at News Spoiler, all lives matter, no matter what color your skin. We are all in this together and if some un educated or mentally incapacitated person commits an act such as this, we must all stand together no matter the color of skin.