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Thousands Feared Dead After Massive 8.8 Earthquake In Japan


The 8.8 magnitude earthquake rocked northeast Japan on Friday afternoon, prompting a tsunami that sent 30+ foot waves ashore along the country’s northeastern coast line.

The epicenter of the original 8.8 earthquake was 80 miles off the coast of Sendai in northeast Japan and it generated tsunami waves up to three miles inland. The initial 8.9 earthquake was followed by aftershocks of magnitudes 7.1, 6.5, and 6.4. Tremors were felt as far as Tokyo.

Some tsunami warnings are still in effect for much of the Pacific Rim. The tsunami wave had moved toward Hawaii at an estimated speed of 500 miles per hour.

Autorities in Japan say that rescue and disaster relief programs are being started and clean-up has already began in some places.

Between 200 and 300 people have already been found dead in the city of Sendai alone and hundreds or thousands more are feared dead.

Massive Tsunami Hits Japan After 8.8 Magnitude Earthquake

A devastating tsunami causes major damage in north-eastern Japan, after a massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake strikes off the coast, one of the largest in it’s history.

The earthquake struck off Japan, shaking buildings in Tokyo for several minutes and forcing people out of their homes.

Japan issued the most serious tsunami warning they can issue, saying waves as high as 20ft could strike the coast near Miyagi prefecture. Other waves have already made the shore.

Initially reports a quake of magnitude 7.9 but have since been upgraded to an 8.8 magnitude quake, that struck about 250 miles from Tokyo at a depth of 20 miles.

Tsunami warnings have been issued and are in effect.

The Amazing Taylor Swift

In the eyes of most people, Taylor Swift is one amazing young woman. Taylor Swift has had a life that has been a very exiting life. There are many things that Taylor Swift has been involved in such as being an aspiring songwriter, followed by being an overwhelming musician, acting, has won many, many awards, philanthropy and last but not the least and not limited to a very beautiful young woman. Yes Ladies, this is one that you will have to be on your toes to keep your man’s eyes off of because she not only has brains, but she’s got the beauty part too.

Taylor Swift has two music albums that include “Taylor Swift (2006)” and “Fearless (2008)”. She has two EPs that include “Sounds of the Season: The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection (2007)” and “Beautiful Eyes (2008)”. This young gal has a live album, “Live From SoHo (2008)” and a video album, “CMT Crossroads: Taylor Swift & Def Leppard (2008)”. The world will probably see much, much more of this young lady in the future as well because her future is a very bright one.

Of course there is so much to say about Taylor Swift that we could go on and on and on some more, what a woman.

Re-Release Of The Original One Time Fax Service

EJOAT Ent., a provider of hosted online services has recently re-released their original service called with the original pay as you go fax service that requires no subscription or account setup to send faxes to anywhere in the world. Created as a reliable business class service on the Internet to accommodate the needs of users looking for a pay per use online fax sending service, One Time Fax provides round the clock capability to pay for and send faxes to international destinations.

Since One Time Fax does not require an account setup with monthly fees, businesses can inform staff with an occasional need to send faxes or who travel to consider One Time Fax. Even Further, individuals with no access to fax machines do not have to settle for subscription based fax sending services when their needs are better met with a one time pay per use model as offered by

“We are the original and we continue to lead the way in online services by continue to support an important segment within the fax demographic with the re-introduction of One Time Fax. We hope that becomes the destination of choice for all users looking for a one time pay as you go Internet fax service,” said Matthew Bailey, President and CEO of EJOAT. He went on to say “The road to where this service is now has been exciting and educational, exciting would be creating an original product and educational would be figuring out what the customer really wants out of the service.”

New Google Instant Search Review And Your Review

Google has rolled out with their new instant search called Google Instant.

Google says they want to shave about two seconds off the time it takes to search. So, while your typing your search term or phrase, Google instant will automatically scan it’s database in order to show you relevant result of what you’ve just typed in. It seems to work fine although the screen seems to freeze at times and browsers have been found to be not responding.

There has been much talk throughout the Internet and we want to get your reviews. The best reviews for anything come from people like you.

Simply leave your review as a comment below.


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