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NFL says no to the Dallas Cowboy decals for fallen police officers in Dallas Texas

The NFL denied the Dallas Cowboys request to wear a decal on their helmets that would have paid tribute to the five police officers killed last month in a downtown Dallas ambush.

The team had been wearing a decal with the words “Arm in Arm” since the first day of training camp this summer where Dallas police Chief David Brown and Mayor Mike Rawlings paid the team a visit on that day.

The NFL has strict rules on uniforms forcing the league to deny the Cowboys request to wear the decal for the upcoming pro football season. In the past, there have been several other tribute decals allowed to be worn on helmets and other parts of the uniform.

Dallas police said it appreciated the support that the Cowboys are attempting to show.

“Their concern for the families of our fallen officers, the Dallas Police Department, and the City of Dallas is what matters most, and we know that support will continue for the immediate and long term future,” the department said in a statement.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and tight end Jason Witten, who created the decal, said they were disappointed with the leagues decision but said they believed the stickers already served its purpose.

NFL says no to the Dallas Cowboy decals for fallen police officers in Dallas Texas

The Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation told the media they were extremely upset over the NFL’s decision not to allow the Cowboys to wear the decal.

“The NFL had an opportunity to be leaders and advocates for change in law enforcement,” Sgt. Demetrick Pennie, president of the foundation, told the website. “These are our friends and our loved ones … it hurts to not have the NFL fully support us.”

Democrat Party worried another hacked email trove could surface before election

Democrat Party officials are bracing for the possibility that another batch of damaging or embarrassing internal emails, the kind that cost the party chairman her job on the eve of the Democrat National Convention could become public before the November presidential election.

That fear reportedly comes as officials with knowledge of a Russian cyber attack that targeted Democrat politicians and organizations told the media that the breach was bigger than first thought and exposed the private email accounts of party officials and groups including the personal email accounts of Hillary Clinton’s key campaign officials.

The apparent wider breach reportedly has prompted the FBI to broaden its investigation, and agents have begun notifying top Democrat officials that the Russians may have breached their personal accounts, the media reported.

An earlier release of emails just days before the party convention in Philadelphia cost Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz her job as party chairman, while party CEO Amy Dacey; chief finance officer Brad Marshall, and communications director Luis Miranda resigned last week.

Donate A Kidney To Charles Marrs

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Prayers are always welcome and May God Bless you all! Also feel free to share on your Facebook so we can get the word out! His health is deteriorating and he has allot to live for! So please share and help us to find his living donor!

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House of Representatives Repealed Obamacare

The GOP-controlled House of Representatives has approved a bill to repeal Obamacare that, after more than 60 votes in the past five years, will finally get to the President’s desk.

The House vote was 240-181, largely along party lines. The Senate passed the legislation last month.

The bill is expected to arrive at the White House later this week. President Barack Obama has already vowed to veto any Republican bill that guts his signature health care law.

The measure also bars any federal money for Planned Parenthood. Conservatives in Congress vowed to defund the organization after a series of videos released by an anti-abortion group last year triggered a controversy about the sale of fetal tissue. Planned Parenthood maintains the footage was edited, and has denied any improper activity.

Taylor Swift: Pay Me For My Music, Apple

Recently, Taylor Swift spoke out about Spotify economics. Now, she has slammed Apple over its decision not to pay musicians during a trial period for its new music service.

The music powerhouse has announced that she won’t allow her latest album, “1989,” to be included in Apple Inc.’s new music-streaming service, in a protest over royalties. Swift says Apple is acting greedy despite being one of the richest companies ever, and Taylor Swift is angry. When the Apple Music streaming service launches June 30th, users will get a three-month free trial.

Taylor Swift gets support from music superstars after writing open letter to Apple where she sad it was “shocking” that her music was to be given away for free as she pulls album from new music service.

The Apple tech giant is about to launch a new music subscription service, Apple Music on June 30, and to get folks to try it out, Apple will offer free three-month trial subscriptions.

This is usually what happens with large companies, they start attempting to railroad everyone just so they are able to do what they want, which is probably to sell more electronics rather than to help who they are using such as Taylor Swift and other great artists.

Charleston Shooting, FBI Manifesto Review, Rally/Protest

CHARLESTON, S.C. – Dylann Roof, the man charged with shooting and killing nine people in an African American church in Charleston, South Carolina, this week, appears to have written and published a manifesto and cache of photographs that detail a violent, hateful ideology. Dylann Roof was posing in photographs with a handgun and standing in front of a Confederate military museum and plantation slave houses. FBI agents are reviewing the manifesto linked to Dylann Roof.

A friend of Dylann Roof, the man charged with fatally shooting said if he had any idea what the 21-year-old was planning he would have stopped him although it was reported that Dylann Roof said he wanted to “Do something crazy” before the Charleston killings.

Days after the attack at the black church, grief hangs in the air, hundreds of protesters rally and walked down the streets of Charleston, chanting “Black lives matter” and “We can’t take it no more.” The peaceful march complied with police requests to reroute and ended as planned at the Daughters of the Confederacy. A small group of parishioners was allowed inside where the shooting took place the bullet-scarred Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church on Saturday, getting a firsthand glimpse of the room where nine people from their congregation were slain.

In my view and the staff at News Spoiler, all lives matter, no matter what color your skin. We are all in this together and if some un educated or mentally incapacitated person commits an act such as this, we must all stand together no matter the color of skin.

Scott Baio & Family Brace For Brain Tumor Treatment

Hollywood, California – Scott Baio, the well celebrity known as Chachi in Happy Days and his wife Renee are bracing for what is to come following her diagnosis with a brain tumor.

Baio who is now 54 and Renee Baio who is 46, posted on Facebook an explanation and a public statement about his serious condition on June 16, a meningioma brain tumor which doctors have not yet determined to be cancerous or not.

“Just a few days ago we learned my wife, Renee, has a meningioma brain tumor,” the 54-year-old star shared. “Although 90% of these type of tumors are benign they can cause serious problems depending on the size of the tumor and the location. We are waiting to learn the exact location to see if its operable,” he explained.

Baio praised his wife’s positive attitude saying, “Renee has been down some rough roads in her life,” he continued. “Yet each time with her strong faith in God, she comes through a better and stronger person. During this time we ask for your prayers and support. My wife is my rock. She refuses to even shed one tear, nor will she question God’s will. Renee, Bailey and I will get through this.”

He then explained how they want to help educate people on these health problems and encourage them to get checked because “6,500 people each year, mostly women get these tumors.” he says. Baio added that he and his family hope their news will encourage others to see a doctor if they suspect something is amiss.

Renee told People magazine that she has been suffering from migraines and cluster headaches for almost two years and that doctors initially told her it was because she’s over 40 and pre-menopausal. “Unfortunately, a lot of women are given this explanation and they need to get checked out,” she said. “An MRI did not pick up the tumor, but an MRI with contrast spotted it.”

Calls To Reform/Strengthen/Enforce Digital Internet Services Laws

Chargebacks are a great tool for banks to use in order to protect consumers from illegitimate companies whom offer tangible products and do not send them or send a different product instead. Who would want to ever pay for something they didn’t receive or didn’t select to buy. That’s easy to see, no one would.

In most circumstances a chargeback is a result by an action created by the consumer where they were to acknowledge that they were only authorized to take a chargeback action only in a last result situation; in other words, the consumer has to try to work it out with the merchant before submitting a dispute and is supposed to be coupled with the documentation of the attempt being made. Then and only then is the consumer have the legal ability to submit a dispute.

After filing a dispute with an authorized bank represent, the dispute has to be filed and then reviewed. In review, these banks are supposed to go to the contact the merchant for their businesses agreement information and then review it. The bank is legally bound to the guidelines as a third party in those agreements. They can not rule in the customers favor because the consumer is their customer. If the guideline of a business agreement is broken and the bank allows it, it is call willing blindness and there are laws for that too.

Victimizing Small Business

Ever pay close to $1000.00 in losses for trying to sell a $25.00 product/service because of a chargeback? It happens. That’s what some companies/merchants end up having to pay and the merchants hands are tied because the banks have the authority for some reason and there not following law correctly if their allowing it to happen.

Banks do it every day. Many business have suffered and have failed due to the willing blindness of banks. Every time a bank allows a self deluded customer walk in and file a complaint on assumption and then follow through with it has been in breach of laws. It is fraud to dispute for items you received in the mail unless it was not as described. It is fraud to dispute end business policy driven non-refundable charges. If a companies policy is no refunds, and the bank files a chargeback anyway, they’ve broken the law by allowing it.

It’s time to get our banks lined out, they are screwing up this world every second that goes by. When they allow this kind of stuff, they further our disaster and it is a disaster. The banks should be forced to follow law and not over rule policies agreed to by their customers. You can just bet many other laws need to be en-forced but you can’t cut any slack with these “COMPANIES”. These are companies just like regular mom and pop shop owners and they shouldn’t have the power and authority they do have. What’s funny, the banks bully governments. Want to know why? Banks can think up more ways to generate money and faster than the government can and are able to regulate it. It’s kind of like the banks and financial organizations have a courthouse full of lawyers figuring things out and are playing loophole games. Oh yeah, they have that too.

Once all this stops happening as much as it does, small business will began to make headway due to less loss.

What is loss? The question should be what is a gross loss?

Ruling in the merchants favor:
For a $25.00 non refundable service chargeback even in the favor of the merchant; the merchant makes $5.00 on the $25.00 after being favored against the consumer. So the merchant only gets five dollars less in some cases, and in some cases, the merchant owes in addition to the $25.00. Then the merchant has to pay the labor and all ending costs that occurred during the whole process. Even though they won the chargeback, they lost out anyway because the bank they and the consumer used charged.

Ruling for the consumer:
Consumer get’s money back, keeps product or declines payment for services, and it’s all virtually free to them where the company suffered maximum fees, cost for their product or service, pays higher service fees, has to pay the labor and all that. So what makes it worth it to be in business or a small business?

Either way you look a it, or who ever the bank favors, the merchant pays.

It is worth it to be in business, if you have a good product or service and where success is measured in the good a business does and not the amount of money you make. But when you get someone new or a small business just starting out, they don’t need this type of shenanigan, One chargeback for $25.00 could cost a thousand bucks folks and that’s not right and we have to stop this, otherwise small business will not grow and the banks will get even stronger.

While all this is going on, there are certain individuals targeting certain companies over the with these types of actions and if you are a merchant you should watch your back because they will do it to you, because they can virtually get away with it, they think.

Protect Small Business

As consumer require protection from illegitimate business, we need protection from illegitimate consumers who use such procedures to steal products and services. Small businesses are being abused like this every day. These banks or who ever makes a bobbled ruling and allow fraudulent disputes to be processed are breaking the law and should be stopped.

Unfair Ratings And Hazing by Misleading Complaint

In the last few years there have been many controversies where companies and individuals have been unfairly rated or have had misleading complaints filed on them in a hazing manner. Unfair ratings an hazing by filing miss-leading complaints can be extremely detrimental to individuals and/or companies, may it be whether an individual is affected mentally, physically or monetarily deeming them unable to continue to perform organizational or personal duties and/or bankrupt.

There aren’t any really defined laws for these issues as they are fairly new. With more and more social networking organizations becoming available as time passes, these issues will have to be visited by legal officials such as state legislatures and congressmen and various titled civil workers around the world. There are many proposed laws that are being debated that include some characteristics of these issues.

Rating systems can render an individual or company defenseless and bankrupted when there is not enough information about an individual and/or company or false or partial information is given about the individual is given and if the individual or company was un aware of such information and not able to correct or append information and do this timely before anything detrimental occurs after such ratings are published. There are many ratings systems and probably to many to try and number and to note, but one of the most controversial ratings systems that seems to stay in court rooms is the ratings system that many, many attorneys feel is unfair to them and the Better Business Bureau’s business rating system that if you don’t answer their complaints, you receive an F rating and many business owners say the F stands for FALSE RATING.

Unfortunately, far to many people do not understand what the true purpose of a complaint form is meant to be used for and choose to use them as tools of/for revenge and/or to do harm and subjects another person or business owner, whether physically, mentally, emotionally, or psychologically, to anything that may endanger, abuse, degrade, or intimidate the person and/or business owner. This is called hazing by complaint. Normally, these complaints are baseless and do not factor in any agreements the complaint made, nor do they include any of that information. This usually happens when a customer becomes disgruntled by a delay in a service or delivery of a product and are defeated in any way to retract an order and/or a refund that is not offered by a policy, even when any of this is explained in detail to them in the agreements they make. These are complaints that blind-side companies and individuals when the companies and individuals are not alerted to offensive or however truthful it very well could be and are not able to present a defense to a complaint before damage to an individual or company has already been rendered or the complaint is closed rendering the individual or company defenseless. Also, even if a company or individual is able to attempt to defend their selves, they may be mobbed by normal site users that follow, follow up on, comment on, and/or give opinions, advise or suggestions on what the complaint or any reader should do whether or not the complaint is valid.

Often individuals and companies receive harassing e-mails from the haze by complainer as well. These e-mails can be far worse to individuals behind the e-mail as there are less restrictions on what you are able to put in an e-mail. While filing a complaint, complainer may not be able to call names and curse the receiver when they are able through email that is not normally moderated especially when the emails are sent to the sole business owner of a small business.

Even as rating systems and complaint systems and boards are legal, including websites with these tools and resources, they should be balanced and expressively inform readers and researchers that information may not be complete, true and in fact and the company or agency publishing and supplying that information should also make the readers or researchers expressively aware that the person filling a complaint or giving a rating is real or not unless already verified of their actual identity before allowing the complaint or rating given or reported.

There are literally thousands of websites online that say they protect consumers by allowing users to post complaints and to rate individuals and companies regardless of whether or not the information that is posted is true or accurately represented. These websites falsely advertise this feature as 9 out of 10 posts have detrimental inaccuracies that are not taken into consideration by the blind sided reader therefore blind side the consumer with false information.

Have you had a hazing by misleading complaint filed on you or your business?

Do you have a bad rating on anything that you know is unfair and that is causing you grief or money?

Let everybody know! Give us your comments!