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Donate A Kidney To Charles Marrs

Hey everyone! I have a dear friend, who is need of a kidney transplant! I have tried to be his living donor, but due to my health issues, they would not accept me. We are begging and pleading, if you would like to give life to someone, please contact Charles Marrs. You can FB him a private message or go to registry at: – This is to registry!

The following website is information about becoming a living donor. This is information you need to read and process before registering. Please read first!

Prayers are always welcome and May God Bless you all! Also feel free to share on your Facebook so we can get the word out! His health is deteriorating and he has allot to live for! So please share and help us to find his living donor!

Thanks! Rhonda

David Bowie Dies After 18 Month Long Battle With Cancer

David Bowie, whose ground-breaking sound and chameleon-like ability to reinvent himself made him a pop music fixture for more than four decades, has died. He had just turned 69 last week.

Bowie died Sunday after an 18-month battle with cancer, his publicist Steve Martin told the media.

“David Bowie died peacefully today surrounded by his family after a courageous 18 month battle with cancer. While many of you will share in this loss, we ask that you respect the family’s privacy during their time of grief,” said a statement posted on his official social media accounts.

Neither his publicist nor the statement elaborated on what kind of cancer the singer was fighting.

House of Representatives Repealed Obamacare

The GOP-controlled House of Representatives has approved a bill to repeal Obamacare that, after more than 60 votes in the past five years, will finally get to the President’s desk.

The House vote was 240-181, largely along party lines. The Senate passed the legislation last month.

The bill is expected to arrive at the White House later this week. President Barack Obama has already vowed to veto any Republican bill that guts his signature health care law.

The measure also bars any federal money for Planned Parenthood. Conservatives in Congress vowed to defund the organization after a series of videos released by an anti-abortion group last year triggered a controversy about the sale of fetal tissue. Planned Parenthood maintains the footage was edited, and has denied any improper activity.

Def Leppard Guitarist Vivian Campbell Cancer Returns

Def Leppard Guitarist Vivian Campbell will be forced to miss the opening dates of the band’s summer North American tour after revealing that he is once again battling cancer. “I’m saddened by the fact that my cancer has returned. However, I’m beyond consolation that its return will prevent me from being able to do my job for a while,” Campbell wrote on Facebook. “I’m still working on a schedule of treatment with my doctors, but I will see you all very soon.”

Campbell announced two years ago that he was undergoing chemotherapy for Hodgkin lymphoma, which he later said he was until recently in remission, but in a statement released June 20 the he says the lymphoma that the guitarist has been battling for two years has returned.

This rough news comes just before his band’s three and a half month tour is set to start, and his announcement indicates he will be sidelined for an undisclosed period of time.

Scott Baio & Family Brace For Brain Tumor Treatment

Hollywood, California – Scott Baio, the well celebrity known as Chachi in Happy Days and his wife Renee are bracing for what is to come following her diagnosis with a brain tumor.

Baio who is now 54 and Renee Baio who is 46, posted on Facebook an explanation and a public statement about his serious condition on June 16, a meningioma brain tumor which doctors have not yet determined to be cancerous or not.

“Just a few days ago we learned my wife, Renee, has a meningioma brain tumor,” the 54-year-old star shared. “Although 90% of these type of tumors are benign they can cause serious problems depending on the size of the tumor and the location. We are waiting to learn the exact location to see if its operable,” he explained.

Baio praised his wife’s positive attitude saying, “Renee has been down some rough roads in her life,” he continued. “Yet each time with her strong faith in God, she comes through a better and stronger person. During this time we ask for your prayers and support. My wife is my rock. She refuses to even shed one tear, nor will she question God’s will. Renee, Bailey and I will get through this.”

He then explained how they want to help educate people on these health problems and encourage them to get checked because “6,500 people each year, mostly women get these tumors.” he says. Baio added that he and his family hope their news will encourage others to see a doctor if they suspect something is amiss.

Renee told People magazine that she has been suffering from migraines and cluster headaches for almost two years and that doctors initially told her it was because she’s over 40 and pre-menopausal. “Unfortunately, a lot of women are given this explanation and they need to get checked out,” she said. “An MRI did not pick up the tumor, but an MRI with contrast spotted it.”

Tommy Chong Uses “Even More” Marijuana After His Cancer Diagnosis

Hollywood, California – Comedian/Actor/Dancer Tommy Chong, infamous for his part in “Cheech and Chong,” in the 1970s, said Wednesday that he is treating his rectal cancer through the use of cannabis.

“I have good news and bad news. First the bad news, the cancer came back and it is a real pain in the butt,” he said on Twitter. “The good news is I now have to use more marijuana to treat the cancer.”

Chong, 77, said he would document his battle against the cancer on the “Chong and Chong” podcast.

“Please wish me luck while I kick cancer’s behind,” he added.

This is Chong’s second battle with cancer. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2012.

US Weekly reported that Chong has been a big advocate of marijuana, crediting it for his treatment process.

“I’m using cannabis like crazy now, more so than ever before,” he told US. “I’m in treatment now. I’ve been – just the case either way, either I get healed or I don’t. But either way, I’m going to make sure I get a little edge off or put up.”

Chong and Cheech Marin gained fame in 1971 for their comedy album “Cheech and Chong.” They became the faces of pot with their films “Up in Smoke” and “Nice Dreams.”

The duo broke up in the late 1980s and reunited decades later for a comedy tour called “Cheech & Chong: Light Up America.”

Cheech wants to use this down time to focus on writing a sequel to the 1978 hit Up in Smoke.

“It will be the same Cheech and Chong, just 40 years later.”

Cheech credits his wife for his tenacious spirit fighting against the disease.

“My wife actually forbid me to die,” he says of his wife Shelby Chong. “She said ‘you are not leaving me.’ “

Criminalization Of Drugs And Alcohol Addiction

In many place in the world, alcohol is given freely in casinos, parties and but not limited to hotels and is more or less forced on you either to make a person spend more money, to be a part of the party and but not limited to get a person to come back to that hotel.

Of course it is widely known that you shouldn’t walk the streets or drive a car while intoxicated. When alcohol enters a persons system, from that moment that person does not and under any amount of alcohol consumption will they think the same. Therefore that person is mentally impaired from the word go. The person that consumes the alcohol can not legally make a choice for themselves.

If a person that is intoxicated, that person can not enter into a legal agreement. When a person or company files a lawsuit on a person that was intoxicated while entering into the agreement the lawsuit will most likely be thrown out of court as the person that had been intoxicated could not in their right mind enter into a legal agreement. This has been shown in several courts.

When criminal institutions file criminal charges on a person for drugs and/or alcohol for being in any way intoxicated, drugs or alcohol, they are filing charges on a mentally ill person. In filing charges on a person that is intoxicated in any way, that person that is intoxicated can not in their right mind enter into a legal agreement. Criminal institutions in fact will make persons intoxicated sign legal documents while being that of the intoxicated.

There is a broad battle in America and abroad that are debating such things and they should be debated and resolved because there are millions of people in jails and prisons for having a harmless drink of alcohol and/or doing drugs when they should have been entered into a medical facility or just left alone. Drug runners, smugglers, and pushers and people that have committed murder or injury by driving drunk or under the influence of drugs however should be the only persons in jails and prisons.

It is well known that you can not treat and/or rehabilitate a person for drugs and alcohol by criminalizing them. Several countries have learned to lower their drug and alcohol usage in other ways besides criminalizing users of drugs and alcohol. These methods have been medical attention or the rise in the price of drugs and alcohol. The whole world has a drug and alcohol problem and no nation can afford to put every person that uses drugs and alcohol in jail or prison.

This has been re-posted from: 12/29/2009

Today, a law has been passed in Russia to where if an individual is arrested for intoxication of any kind, they are to be taken to a hospital.

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