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NASA and Curiosity Celebrate Four Years On Mars

Four years ago today, NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity made one of the most dramatic and technical landings in the history of space exploration.

On the night of August 5, 2012, a rocket powered sky crane lowered the car size Curiosity onto the Mars red dirt using cables, then flew off and intentionally crash-landed a safe distance away.

Curiosity team members had modeled this novel technique repeatedly using computers, but it had never been tested fully here on Earth, let alone employed on the surface of another world.

Still, everything worked perfectly at crunch time, and Curiosity soon began exploring the interior of Mars’ 96-mile-wide Gale Crater. The discoveries came fast: The rover found that the area near its landing site harbored a lake-and-stream system long ago, showing that at least some parts of the Red Planet could have supported microbial life in the ancient past.

“It was just an early home run that kind of took the pressure off, and allowed us to expand on that [discovery] for the next few years,” Curiosity project scientist Ashwin Vasavada, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California, told the media.

19,000 Civilians Die In Iraq Since January 2014

Nearly 19,000 civilians were killed in Iraq between January 2014 and October 2015 — a toll the United Nations calls “staggering” in a new report.

The report, released Tuesday, outlines the horrific impact Iraq’s ongoing conflict is having on its civilian population.

The numbers are mind-boggling. In the 21-month period:

At least 18,802 civilians were killed, about half of them in Baghdad alone.

Another 36,245 were wounded.

About 3.2 million people were internally displaced, including a million school-aged children.

The actual figures could be much higher, the report said.

The New Horizons Mission To Pluto

The epic, first exploration of Pluto and its moons by the NASA New Horizons mission was completed last week, on Tuesday, July 14. And it captured the attention and imaginations of people across America and the entire world.

New Horizons is truly an American-made product, and one we can all be proud of. More than 2,500 Americans worked to design, build, launch, and fly New Horizons.

This NASA-industry-academia team included major partners at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, the Southwest Research Institute, Ball Aerospace, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, United Launch Alliance, KinetX Corporation, Aerojet Rocketdyne, Stanford University, the University of Colorado, and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, as well as dozens of other universities and small companies who contributed.

The people who created New Horizons to complete the first reconnaissance of the planets delivered on the promise we made in 2001 to explore the Pluto system. We invested 15 years of our careers and lives to do this, to create knowledge, to show the United States on its game, to inspire kids and adults alike — across the world — and to make you proud.

In addition to gathering incredible science, one of my hopes for the flyby was that we’d excite people about the power of exploration, the sheer audacity of our species, and the great things we can achieve. And it’s working — from an unprecedented response on social media to global news coverage, the exciting and historic nature of New Horizons has really caught on!

It took us more than nine years to cross the 3 billion miles of space to get to Pluto — and you have followed our journey, supported us, and believed in our mission. We can’t thank you enough for that, or for your support of NASA that made New Horizons possible.

Criminalization Of Drugs And Alcohol Addiction

In many place in the world, alcohol is given freely in casinos, parties and but not limited to hotels and is more or less forced on you either to make a person spend more money, to be a part of the party and but not limited to get a person to come back to that hotel.

Of course it is widely known that you shouldn’t walk the streets or drive a car while intoxicated. When alcohol enters a persons system, from that moment that person does not and under any amount of alcohol consumption will they think the same. Therefore that person is mentally impaired from the word go. The person that consumes the alcohol can not legally make a choice for themselves.

If a person that is intoxicated, that person can not enter into a legal agreement. When a person or company files a lawsuit on a person that was intoxicated while entering into the agreement the lawsuit will most likely be thrown out of court as the person that had been intoxicated could not in their right mind enter into a legal agreement. This has been shown in several courts.

When criminal institutions file criminal charges on a person for drugs and/or alcohol for being in any way intoxicated, drugs or alcohol, they are filing charges on a mentally ill person. In filing charges on a person that is intoxicated in any way, that person that is intoxicated can not in their right mind enter into a legal agreement. Criminal institutions in fact will make persons intoxicated sign legal documents while being that of the intoxicated.

There is a broad battle in America and abroad that are debating such things and they should be debated and resolved because there are millions of people in jails and prisons for having a harmless drink of alcohol and/or doing drugs when they should have been entered into a medical facility or just left alone. Drug runners, smugglers, and pushers and people that have committed murder or injury by driving drunk or under the influence of drugs however should be the only persons in jails and prisons.

It is well known that you can not treat and/or rehabilitate a person for drugs and alcohol by criminalizing them. Several countries have learned to lower their drug and alcohol usage in other ways besides criminalizing users of drugs and alcohol. These methods have been medical attention or the rise in the price of drugs and alcohol. The whole world has a drug and alcohol problem and no nation can afford to put every person that uses drugs and alcohol in jail or prison.

This has been re-posted from: 12/29/2009

Today, a law has been passed in Russia to where if an individual is arrested for intoxication of any kind, they are to be taken to a hospital.

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A Potentially Dangerous Episode Of Handy Manny

In the episode named “Pedal ‘n Tool Cock-a-doodle-doo” (episode #47) where Handy Manny helps a hot dog vendor with his cart and a rooster keeps the citizens up too early, there seems to be a quite dangerous action taken by one of the citizens.

At the begriming of the episode, the candy store owner is placing a barrel full of candy in front off his store. Then, after an exchange of words with Handy Manny, his tools and the store owner, the store owner jumps head first inside the barrel full of candy and get’s stuck inside. After that, the barrel became on it’s side where the store owner and the candy fell out.

The danger is that there are millions of viewers that just so happen to be below the age of 8 years. If any of these young children have an inclination that there might be candy in a barrel, bucket or anything else. These children would not know that the barrel, bucket or anything else that may hold water or a substance that might harm them is inside. They could just diver right in with candy on their minds.

There have not been any known incidents of death or injury because of this episode, but as a watchful guardian to several nieces and nephews, especially one of 14 months, I thought everyone might want to know what I saw. I have heard many times of children drowning from jumping inside buckets head first and did not approve of this and I thought that this episode had been a potentially dangerous episode of Handy Manny.