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Carly Fiorina: Hillary Fails Economics 101

Hillary gave a big economics speech–and all she did was prove she doesn’t know the first thing about the economy.

No, Hillary: you can’t grow the economy by drowning businesses under new regulations, like a skyrocketing minimum wage.

No, Hillary: more government intervention doesn’t create a middle class–it creates crony capitalism that helps people at the very top shut out competition and innovation.

And no, Hillary: tech innovators, like Uber and Airbnb aren’t villains because they shake up the status quo–they create jobs and invigorate industries because they shake up the status quo.

That’s all just Economics 101.

But somehow, many of my opponents–especially Hillary Clinton–haven’t even mastered basic economics. And they urgently need to be called out for their economic illiteracy.

Our campaign is in a perfect position to do that–but only if we can continue to build our team.

And that’s where I need your help. I know you’ve already done so much–but I need your help to build our momentum and get our message out in front of millions of Americans.

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