Obama True Colors Shining Through, Like ACORN Colors Have Shined

Van, Texas – Being an illegal born or otherwise illegally residing in the U.S. is wrong and is illegal. Can’t get by the illegal part. From top to bottom, illegal immigrants are also a cancer to the entire United States system. Can’t get by that either.

If your like the guy who is writing this article that may have a certain qualm with illegal immigrants. It would be pretty hard to write the above title. I will try and explain.. In the late 1980’s, ironically when the United States was inflicted on the very same issue of immigration, my Father worked as a Greens Keeper for Van Zandt County Country Club in Canton, Texas. My Father had the job for a good while and seemed to be working his way up the ladder. He came home one day, said he was getting a pay raise. Then two weeks later he was laid off and when we drove up to get his last check, there was an illegal alien doing my dad’s job. This very same thing happened to him while he worked for the Martins Mill School, in Martins Mill, Texas.

None of this made any sense to me then but after recalling the conversations that took place around me, I figured it all out. I was one of the kid’s that the parent’s lost their job to an Illegal Immigrant. Those times were hard on my Dad, and my Mom for that matter. She worked everywhere trying to take care of us kid’s.

Then, I personally experienced what happened with my Dad. I watched a young non-english speaking Latino throw my freshly printed out application in the trash can.

Yes, I am un-happy with what’s gone on. I hate that it all happened like it did and it hurts me to try and fathom how my Dad must have felt when he was degraded to where he couldn’t take care of my two sisters and I.

All that is fact and understandably non-debatable that illegal immigration is wrong and it should be stopped from happening, I don’t care what kind of heart you have.

HOWEVER, you may debate what happens in the future if the youth of illegal immigrants and their off-spring do not get educations. Just a little of the top, you would have a higher rate of crime if they do not get educated. If you have a million illegal immigrants multiply for one generation, you might get 2 million un-educated illegal immigrants. In order to curtail a large infestation of crime, we have to educate these PEOPLE and they will have to pay the money back. This also places them on our social system so that we know where our moneys is going and when it came back, or our government follows them and hounds them like they do everyone else until they pay it back.

Why can’t we just leave them un-educated?

Ideas Matter By Steve Forbes For Rick PerryWell, if you need to know (You Do)… For the past (estimated) 200 years or so, the United States along with individual state governments and law enforcement have been dealing with corruption from Mexico and further south. That corruption was brought on by uneducated populations for generation after generation. In the last decade, Mexico has been enlightened on how corrupt their system is and has been through out Mexican history.

An uneducated population of illegal immigrants is not for the future for the United States of America. It is in the interest of the United States of America and it’s citizens to have an educated population.

The U.S. can not afford not to allow Illegal immigrant off-spring an education. Illegal immigrants will remain underground and remain un-educated and therefore not smart enough to pull themselves out of the whole their parents put them in, Also, would be a greater crime risk and/or a further cancer to the U.S. system or risk of that.

Rick Perry landed coveted endorsement of and from Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona who is known to be tough on immigration and was sought by many top politicians that are in the race for 2012 Presidency of the United States of America. This is a really good thing for Rick Perry’s campaign camp. A in his polls was received which was needed after he had been politically horn-swaggled in past debates and miss-taken statements.

With states like the The Great Texas with it’s Texas Dream Act, and Governor Rick Perry who signed it in leading our country. He actually helped people further their education. Leadership like this could promote less corruption in the U.S. and in Mexico. This why Rick Perry is smart on illegal immigration and strong on the future of America.

Rick Perry has also beefed up the South Texas border security and increased drug enforcement sence the subsequent violence in Mexico as Texas Governor. Therefore the latest rage of the seeming other jealous candidates start flapping their jaws talking about how Rick Perry is a softy, he is not. Those guys would like you to believe that.

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